League of Legends: TheDirtyCupcake Instagram: @TheDirtyCupcake NSFW.18+ ONLY. Feel free to call me whatever you like, what you call me depends on what response you receive. Level 19. Married. Camgirl. If you're here to shame me shove it. If you're here to save me, shove it. EDM, Netflix, Weed, and Pizza. KAWAII OR DIE. ♥

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What tumblr has done to me
Sees Porn: no reaction
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Anonymous said: I wanna see you NAKED!

are you blind?

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"I’m Luffy. The man who will become Pirate King!"
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Anonymous said: are you doing a show tomorrow? and what time?


transient-waters said: you know somethin..you look beautifully breathtaking in that maroon red & black dress. #gorgeous to mesmerizing

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Awww Thank you :3

zmacnonhoes said: You are the definition of Wow! And you have a pretty epic blog. Have a great day!

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Anonymous said: What is your diet? :)

… well… i had cheese cake for breakfast… and like… 4 dabs.

Anonymous said: If your husband wanted to have a threesome with another male would you do it? Or would you let him invite another girl in for both you?

I am open to threesomes. My husband is open to fucking two girls at once. there’s a difference. I would be open to having another male or female join our bed, but I don’t think he’s sexually mature enough to handle an arrangement like that.